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Sebastian Pfeifer aka Everfresh, Trustfall, 2022

On the occasion of the S-Payment Symposium 2022 we, the gallery Greulich and Ratata, have launched our own NFT project. With Sebastian Pfeifer aka Everfresh we were able to win over a terrific designer and artist for the project. Sebastian has created the Loop Trust Fall.

Trust Fall is an endlessly repeating clip. In the loop we see a woman falling backwards and being caught in a constantly changing scenery. The protagonist holds on to a strap and is pulled upwards. Once there, she stands again in her starting position and lets herself fall backwards once more. A trust fall, the expression of trust in the situation. The whole thing is accompanied by a loungy sequence of sounds. Cartoon aesthetics, casual music and flowing transitions characterize Sebastian Pfeifer’s work. Figuration combined with abstraction “at it’s best”.

Sebastian Pfeifer is a German designer and NFT artist, internationally active, from near Frankfurt. For the B3 Biennale of the Moving Image, 2022, the curatorship has selected his work. Trust Fall is issued in an edition of 500 copies as NFT and deposited in the Tezos Blockchain.