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On April 4, I was a participant in an exciting panel discussion at Wertheim Village. It was about nothing less than “The future of art.” 😉

Together with
Anette Doms (art historian and moderator on the topic of NFTs and digital art. She is very active in the NFT scene in Germany.)
Karan Singh (artist from Australia who implemented a facade design for Wertheim Village. Great and very reflective guy).
Camie Klein (Artist from HFG in Offenbach, She is a bit specialized in illustration. She also does great projects especially on the topic of artist networks).
and Friedrich Gräfling (architect and art collector. He is a great friend of conceptual art approaches. Together with his wife Johanna he organizes the Salon Kennedy and various other events around art).
we discussed the consequences of digitalization for the art business.

What may sound a bit bland at first is a totally exciting topic. After all, digitization affects all areas of art, distribution channels, the collaboration between artists and galleries, and even the production and reception of art.